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Qilu Petrochemical Company's production from January to September

it is reported that from January to September this year, Qilu Petrochemical Company also proved its advantages in metal replacement and utilization with its own good characteristics. When most devices are overhauled, the overall production is good, and some indicators have increased significantly compared with the same period last year

product production from January to September:

the total processing volume of crude oil is 5.51 million tons, 2.91 million tons of gasoline, coal and diesel oil, and 1.2 million tons of pyrolysis material supply

124000 tons of rubber products, 516900 tons of synthetic resin, 112400 tons of alcohol products and 181100 tons of benzene products

163200 tons of caustic soda, 30900 tons of phthalic anhydride, 46900 tons of styrene

382900 tons of ethylene and 178000 tons of propylene

46400 tons of acrylic fiber and 31700 tons of acrylonitrile

comprehensive power generation: 197.672 million kwh

2. Economic indicators:

the invention and utilization of light oil revolutionary new materials have led the global technological innovation, with a yield of 75.25% and an ethylene yield of 30.30%, the best level in history

although there were losses in the first nine months due to various reasons, after entering the third quarter, the business situation improved, and a large profit was made in August and September. At present, the main production units are in full load operation period. After the domestic product sales, the R & D resources were invested for product development and verification, and the situation is good. It is expected that Sinopec's adjusted profit index will be completed by the end of the year

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