Production of the hottest adhesives in Chinese Mai

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Chinese Mainland adhesive production program runs with its own excel report format output report situation

2 causes the cost of paper packaging market to expand. 2004 Chinese Mainland adhesive production statistical table

serial number glue type name output (10000 tons) 1 trialdehyde good accessories and facilities constitute perfect and excellent electronic universal testing machine glue (based on 100% solid 2016 ⑵ 2018 arrangement of 200million yuan of financial capital content) Urea formaldehyde 132.0 phenolic 14.5 melamine adhesive 5.0 subtotal 151.52pvac lotion (excluding compound white emulsion) 56.03 acrylic lotion 82.04 solvent acrylic 9.25vae lotion 10.36 neoprene 16.57 "SBS" adhesive 4.58 polyurethane adhesive 20.59 epoxy resin adhesive 5.010 hot melt adhesive 7.011 hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive 6.312 silicone adhesive 9.013 polysulfide rubber 0.714 instant drying adhesive 0.4515 anaerobic adhesive 0.1116 total sales (RMB 100 million) 288.31

note: pressure sensitive tape and label are 6.6 billion ㎡

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