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Tianshan paper mill uses poplar and spruce to produce TMP pulp

with an annual output of 17000, it is necessary to improve the accuracy of displacement test to meet the requirements of users. On the basis of the success of producing paper with 100% Spruce TMP pulp, Tianshan paper mill, in order to expand the raw material market, has made bold trials, using 15% - 20% poplar chips and 80% - 85% spruce chips to mix pulping, making high-quality paper, and achieved gratifying results

in recent years, with the implementation of the national natural forest protection project, the primitive ecological forest area in the mash area of Tianshan Mountain has been listed as the natural ecological reserve of the autonomous region. Forest cutting restrictions have made Tianshan paper mill, which has just started, face a new round of raw material crisis. After extensive investigation and analysis by Zhou kunsheng, technical director of shenjuner new material market, Tianshan paper mill confirmed that the poplar resources in Yili area are very rich, and the natural environment of this area is very suitable for poplar growth, especially the fast-growing and high-yield poplar successfully researched by Xinjiang Academy of forestry gb15762 ⑴ 995 in recent years, with fast growth speed, large annual volume, short cutting period, suitable for large-area planting, Large scale sustainable papermaking forest base can be built

in order to master the characteristics of poplar TMP pulp, Tianshan paper mill has put into mass production experiments on the basis of a large number of poplar material analysis and experiments. The pulping degree of TMP of all poplar chips can reach 36 ~ 50 ° Sr, the breaking length is 2300 ~ 2400m, and the whiteness is 59 ~ 61%. Compared with Spruce TMP pulp, the grinding energy consumption can be greatly reduced

in order to make good use of poplar under the existing process conditions, the factory decided to evenly mix poplar and spruce with wood chip materials with large differences in wood properties in a certain proportion for pulping. In the production process, the pulp is continuously tested and analyzed, and the process parameters are continuously optimized at a high speed, so that the performance of the pulp is gradually improved. The beating degree of the mixed raw material pulp is 68 ~ 72 ° Sr, the breaking length is 3500 ~ 4200m, and the whiteness is more than 60%. All indicators are greatly improved compared with the original spruce pulp. Practice has proved that fiber raw materials with large differences in wood properties can play a complementary role when the process parameters are high-speed and appropriate. For example, the addition of poplar makes the content of short fiber in the original spruce long fiber pulp increase, which is beneficial to improve the beating degree of the pulp and improve the papermaking performance of the paper. According to the test results of the paper produced by the TMP pulp of poplar and spruce mixed wood chips, it fully meets the requirements of the new product if converted into powder smelling paper

the utilization of poplar can not only make up for the shortage of raw materials and provide raw material guarantee for sustainable development for paper mills, but also greatly reduce the cost of raw materials with the increase of the proportion of poplar

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