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Nokia and China Mobile will actively explore 5g applications mwc18

Nokia and China Mobile will deliver services for vertical industries by focusing on the development of key growth areas such as smart cities, intelligent transportation and intelligent video analysis

according to the agreement, China Mobile 5g Innovation Laboratory will conduct research on 5g use cases, future network security and open network architecture, Further expand the existing 5g cooperation between the two sides

on the eve of the 2018 World Mobile Communication Conference, Nokia president and CEO Rajeev Suri and China Mobile Chairman Shang Bing attended the signing ceremony of the strategic technical cooperation agreement between the two sides

Spain, Barcelona -- Nokia announced the signing of a strategic technical cooperation agreement with China Mobile. According to the agreement, the two companies will carry out in-depth research on the core theme of how China Mobile can provide services to the vertical market through 5g features such as large-scale connection, ultra reliability and ultra-low latency. There are also many brands standing on the shoulders of two great people, Nokia and apple, who have further sublimated plastic materials into research. The research will focus on how to make the industry benefit from the development of key growth areas such as smart city, intelligent transportation and intelligent video analysis

with the deployment of 5g, China Mobile will be able to use network slicing technology to support a large number of new services and businesses with different service levels. According to the agreement, Nokia and China Mobile will use Nokia 5g future x network architecture, Nb IOT and mec to jointly study and test 5g use cases, which also allows the two companies to print more than 60mm per second, and some 5g cooperation has been further expanded. The research will be carried out in China Mobile 5g joint innovation laboratory to better understand:

how to integrate various industries into the smart city ecosystem, and then make full use of the newly connected massive users and everything

How can enterprises such as logistics and car rental companies benefit from the widely used 5g self driving vehicles. Nokia and China Mobile will also expand the existing car2x test system in Wuzhen to further promote the application of automated vehicles and technologies used to improve vehicle safety

how to use intelligent network protection technology to further improve the security of future network architecture

How can China Mobile obtain embedded network intelligence and ONAP open source architecture and benefit from it, so as to use network resource management and overall service, and improve service automation and network performance

rajeev Suri, President and CEO of Nokia, and Shang Bing, chairman of China Mobile, attended the signing ceremony of the strategic technical cooperation agreement between the two sides on the eve of the 2018 Barcelona world mobile communication conference

Marc rouanne, President of Nokia mobile network, said: Nokia and China Mobile will use 5g technology to launch applications that can meet the needs of the industry in the future. At present, we are actively promoting the development of Nokia 5g future x end-to-end network architecture through the reefchark chipset and new advanced algorithms of Bell Labs research team, as well as our optical network, IP and cloud computing technologies. Nokia is committed to developing an open network architecture, which will accelerate the network intelligence of operators such as China Mobile

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Nokia recently outlined the scope of application of its 5g future x network architecture and launched the reefsark chipset. Reefsark chipset adopts Nokia's internal chip technology, which enables operators to achieve smaller antenna size, lower cost and power consumption, and meet the huge demand of 5g network for computing and wireless capabilities

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