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Luminous printing silk is on the market in Suzhou

a new fabric that can shine in the dark -- luminous printing silk has recently been on the market in Suzhou. 120 ° diamond cone

according to 4, the projector needs to be away from the heat source It is understood that the newly launched luminous silk includes "Aoba autumn chrysanthemum", "Bishui Begonia", "rouge Bauhinia", "childhood sweetheart" and other varieties. Its printing is bright and dazzling, and it is even more brilliant in the dark

it is reported that all kinds of silk, cotton, linen and chemical fiber fabrics can achieve dozens of times the same amount of phosphorescent materials after being treated with luminescent technology, and still maintain their original luminescent properties after washing and ironing. This kind of noctilucent printed fabric can be used to make clothes with constant load that can be reached. After the light is sensitized in the bright place, it will appear bright and abnormal in the dark place. For example, the import dependence of raw materials is high, and the rest of the light can be maintained for more than 10 hours. Measured by Beijing Geological Research Institute, the luminescence of the fabric is non radioactive and pollution-free

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