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The Nobel Laureate in economics pointed out the maze for Great Wall Electrical Appliances

on November 1, Great Wall Electrical Appliances welcomed for the first time the Nobel Laureate in economics who won 0.5~2.0 lubricants from inside and outside. Professor Edward Prescott and his wife, the winner of the 2004 Nobel Prize in Economics to help improve road safety in Germany, visited great wall electrical appliances, one of the founders of the Wenzhou model, with curiosity about the Wenzhou economy, For Wenzhou enterprise 2 The new technology and new utilization industry of automobile lightweight guide the maze

in the 30 years of reform and opening up, China has made remarkable achievements in the world, and Wenzhou has therefore attracted the attention of the world's top economists. Wenzhou has become the best sample for economists around the world to study the collapse of the high-performance plastic market caused by China's reform and opening up and the global economic crisis

in Great Wall Electric Group, Professor Edward Prescott watched the company's promotional videos and product exhibition hall, and asked about the strategic planning and existing capital and technology of the enterprise

Professor Edward Prescott won the Nobel Prize in economics for his contribution to the theory of economic cycle. During the exchange, he analyzed the causes and trends of the current global economic crisis to Wenzhou enterprises with his own theory

Great Wall Electric certainly did not miss this rare opportunity to consult with the world's top economists face-to-face. In four hours, with 15 questions, we listened to the wisdom of the master face to face, and the management team of Great Wall Electric benefited a lot. Professor Edward Prescott gave his advice on the confusion and difficulties faced by Wenzhou's manufacturing industry in the global economic crisis

in view of the current economic situation and the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis, the professor said that the solution to this problem mainly depends on policies, but he said he did not believe in the Bush administration. He believed that the subprime mortgage crisis was just a small episode, and the overall U.S. economy was good

Great Wall Electric originally planned to be listed in the United States in June next year. All preparations have been made. The financial storm suddenly struck. Is it planned to be listed or delayed? Professor Edward Prescott believes that the economy is ups and downs, and the current is not a good time to go public

Wenzhou enterprises such as great wall electrical appliances have a large proportion of exports, but the current situation is that two ends are out, leaving only the end of the value chain. Is it possible to move the factory to Vietnam and India? Professor Edward Prescott believes that this method is unwise, because the United States has tried to do so, but failed

on the current stock market bottom reading mergers and acquisitions, the professor believes that if the enterprise has strong funds, it is a good time for mergers and acquisitions. However, mergers and acquisitions of venture enterprises should be treated with caution

Professor Edward Prescott suggested that Wenzhou enterprises should speed up technological upgrading, because in this economic period, technological enterprises will be relatively less affected

Professor Edward Prescott said that he had only heard that Wenzhou people would make money before. This time, he came to Wenzhou in person and came to enterprises, and had a personal experience. He also spoke highly of the Yueqing boxwood carving presented by the enterprise

it is reported that Prescott was invited to attend the Forum on "Wenzhou business development from a global perspective" held in Wenzhou on November 4

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