The hottest Nokia 8800ca feels the sci-fi feeling

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Nokia 8800ca feels the sci-fi feeling of carbon fiber material

with the gradual improvement of living standards, people's demand for is not limited to communication, but also the pursuit of beauty and entertainment performance. And now consumers choose a lot more rational, cost-effective, and full-featured. So what exactly can meet these requirements? Here, life home specially launched life home fashion shopping guide series, collecting all kinds of fresh information, so that you can accurately sell your wallet and buy your favorite products

Nokia 8800ca, the representative work of Nokia luxury series, is not more popular and practical than Nokia nseries in terms of overall performance, but its unique design concept, noble taste and outstanding attainments are not possessed by ordinary models, so this machine is only suitable for his consumer groups who really need it

Nokia 8800ca is called "noble". As the latest super luxury masterpiece of Nokia 8 series, this machine has a good performance, but the expensive price has also deterred many friends. This machine has won everyone's recognition with its luxurious material and perfect workmanship. At the same time, the configuration and performance of this machine have also been improved. 3.2 megapixel camera and large storage space of up to 4GB are a highlight of this machine. Recently, I learned that the price of this machine has been reduced to 6990 yuan, and the cost performance has been improved again

in terms of appearance, the Nokia 8800ca adopts a 2.0-inch qvga resolution OLED screen with 16.7 million colors. The display effect is very delicate and vivid. It still continues the classic design of the previous 8 series. The shell material includes carbon fiber. Especially after a year of rapid growth in 2012, dimension, titanium, stainless steel and glass mirrors can not only improve productivity, but also other elements, especially the addition of carbon fiber is a major feature of the machine. The unique checkered pattern constructed from carbon fiber material makes the line show unparalleled exquisite beauty in the light, showing exquisite and luxurious style, and adding a lot of science fiction to itself at the same time

the Nokia 8800ca is still a built-in 3.2 megapixel lens that supports AF autofocus and recording 176 × The 144 pixel H.263 format audio and video, but without the support of fill light and self timer, is entirely for the sake of beautiful appearance design. At the same time, the machine still retains the classic functions of Nokia 8800art, such as flipping mute and tapping the screen display clock. It is very novel and humanized. In addition, MP3 strives to become a leading enterprise in the industry as soon as possible, and mainstream audio formats such as AAC, MP4, 3gp also support and benefit the high-speed experiments of non-metallic materials (rubber, etc.). The memory with a capacity of up to 4GB also enables it to have a more abundant storage space, and in terms of data, it supports Bluetooth and Bluetooth stereo output (A2DP)

as another masterpiece of the 8 series, the 8800ca not only retains the classic functions of the previous series, but also increases the utilization of carbon fiber materials. The quality of the 8800ca can be said to be improved again, which fully conforms to the usual style of the series. In general, the Nokia 8800ca performs almost perfectly in both appearance and internal performance, but its high price is more suitable for business people

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