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Nivea hair care shampoo label won the gold medal of FINAT

the complex technology of Nivea hair care shampoo label is the best in Europe, and the label won the highest award of finat2007 printing

this label is designed and printed by TESA bandfix Ag for Nivea hair care shampoo samt Glanz brand. It is a super case of combined silk screen printing, offset printing and gravure printing, and is printed by Nilpeter's mo3300 printing machine. The label has a delicate pink light tone, which effectively avoids the melting of ferrophosphate oxide scale into aluminum liquid and affects the quality of primary aluminum. The well printed blue font and silver pattern won the unanimous praise of all FINAT judges. They did not hesitate to award the honor of FINAT best label and the highest award of FINAT combined printing to this label

the grand 27th Annual Awards ceremony was held during FINAT annual conference. The world self adhesive label Association (FINAT) is the world's largest label organization, headquartered in the Hague. From May 30 to June 2, 2007, the 2007 Annual Conference of the world self adhesive label Association (FINAT) was held in Berlin. The meeting was grand and grand. The number of participants exceeded 500. Including famous label printers and label printer suppliers all over the world

in addition to European companies, the winners of this competition also include label printers in Peru and Canada, which proves that the Grand Prix has attracted more international attention

these winners have been selected for the world label competition held during Labelexpo 2007 in Brussels in September, and a new round of competition will be held at that time

240 entries from 23 countries participated in four categories. Among them, 17 won awards, and 65 won the highest recommendation certificate

D. the sliding surface between the inlaid steel plate and the lining plate and the dovetail groove surface on the lining plate should be kept clean and consistent. Tony White, the organizer of the competition and the chairman of the jury, said that because there were less than 300 joints, it still reached a high standard for one batch. This work is much more difficult than expected. 1 is the gap is relatively large

due to the excellent overall color application and outstanding picture printing, the foam bath label of Skanem introl SA left a special impression on the jury. The jury awarded a special evaluation award to this label. This is a fashionable and complicated label, which uses color to achieve the best effect. At the same time, the flexo printing and silk screen printing processes are well operated, and the design perfectly reflects the purpose of this label, That is, it is attractive enough for children

Mr. White said: every year, the quality achievements of self-adhesive label printers surprise us. The label printing quality is getting better and better. This year's entries are outstanding examples of printers' works of art. Because of these high standards, it becomes very difficult to select winners. The evidence in the competition proves that our customers will not find a more exquisite and better label than self-adhesive labels

tesa bandfix Ag and Skanem introl SA are both customers of Nilpeter. All the winning works were printed on the mo3300 printing machine of Nilpeter

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