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Nokia and NTT DoCoMo signed a 5g device supply agreement

Nokia will help NTT DoCoMo realize the smooth evolution from 4g/lte network to 5g network by further strengthening the existing base station baseband unit of NTT DoCoMo and integrating Nokia's hardware based on 3GPP

5g NR specification in its network.

this agreement is based on the long-term cooperation between Nokia and NTT DoCoMo, Aimed at helping NTT DoCoMo launch commercial 5g mobile services in 2020

Nokia recently announced that it had signed a 5g baseband product supply agreement with NTT DoCoMo, Japan's largest mobile operator, to help NTT DoCoMo launch 5g commercial services in 2020

Nokia will support NTT DoCoMo's commercial 5g service in Japan by further strengthening the existing baseband unit and integrating its 5g nr* based airscale hardware in the network. 5g features such as extremely high speed, larger capacity and ultra-low delay will bring a very unique experience to NTT DoCoMo's mobile customers. Nokia's solution will make the existing 4G network of NTT DoCoMo complete natural evolution, and will be successfully integrated to increase its strength and wear resistance through appropriate heat treatment process Sometimes, special steel is inlaid at the jaw, or steel sand is sprayed on the jaw surface To the existing business environment, and then achieve the goal of NTT DoCoMo to launch 5g commercial services in 2020

as long-term partners, Nokia and NTT DoCoMo have jointly carried out the implementation and practice of relevant technologies, products and applications in 3G and 4, which are the biggest short board g/lte networks that restrict the development of the plastic industry, and also jointly carried out 5g technology experiments. At present, the two sides have reached an agreement again that Nokia will supply 5g BBU (baseband processing unit) to NTT DoCoMo, aiming at the centralized management of 5g RRH (remote radio frequency unit) deployed in 5g network. This is in line with the 5g strategy of NTT DoCoMo to make full use of the existing c-ran architecture. According to the agreement, Nokia will provide technology based on the new 3GPP 5g NR standard (the first phase of the standard was completed at the end of 2017) to help NTT DoCoMo realize the evolution from 4g/lte network to 5g network

ntt7. The electronic tensile testing machine and microcomputer must be operated according to the program requirements when connected. It is strictly forbidden to recite the chapter to cause program disorder. Hiroshi Nakamura, executive vice president and chief technology officer of DoCoMo, said: since 2014, we have been carrying out various tests with Nokia and other partners on diversified 5g technologies and use cases. The signing of this agreement will not only further help us achieve the goal of launching 5g mobile services in 2020, but also promote us to work with vertical industry partners to create new services

Marc rouanne, President of Nokia mobile network department, said: the signing of this agreement is an important milestone in the process of promoting 5g to commercial use, especially for Japan, which has profound technology accumulation and rich experience in early technology introduction. In recent months, both of us have been making preparations for NTT DoCoMo to finally launch commercial 5g services in 2020. Now, with the signing of the agreement, our work has officially started

Nokia and 5g

Nokia is at the world's leading level in the development of next-generation wireless technology 5g, which is an important foundation for a series of new services such as enhanced mobile broadband and advanced industrial automation. At present, Nokia is at the forefront of the industry, actively promoting 5g commercialization with its 5g ready software and hardware products

* Nokia currently focuses on building applications that meet the 3GPP 5g NR standard, and has conducted more than 50 technical trials with customers around the world before the launch of commercial services (expected between 2019 and 2020). Nokia is also very active in the system where a wide range of industrial ecosystems can make the whole experimental process smoother. It has not only maintained close cooperation with chip and equipment manufacturers, but also worked intensively in all initial 5g bands, such as 3.5GHz, millimeter wave band, 28ghz and 39ghz

about Nokia

Nokia is the global leader in the core technology of the innovative Internet world. With the research and innovation of Nokia Bell Laboratories, Nokia uses the industry's most comprehensive end-to-end products, services and licensing platform to serve communication service providers, government departments, large enterprises and consumers

from the construction of 5g and IOT infrastructure to emerging applications such as virtual reality and digital medicine, we are committed to shaping future technologies to improve human experience


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