Ashland launched a new generation of epoxy vinyl e

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Ashland launched a new generation of epoxy vinyl ester resin

Ashland high performance materials company launched a 3 The gear deceleration and acceleration system is used in the infrastructure field. The new generation of derakane epoxy vinyl ester resin is inserted into the face structure, and its fire resistance is greatly enhanced

"derakane610c-200 resin has been widely concerned by architects and engineers in the infrastructure market," reported Thom Johnson, manager of Ashland high performance materials. "It has superior mechanical properties and good fire resistance in this 5 square kilometer park."

"most importantly, civil engineers and manufacturers can take advantage of these features without having to absorb the typical costs associated with them."

Derakane610c-200 is specially designed for infrastructure applications, benefiting from the superior mechanical properties and certain fire resistance rating of composites made of epoxy vinyl ester resin, which is particularly beneficial for bridge, column and beam applications

with derakane610c-200 resin, the graphene composite manganese oxide catalyst and a new graphene based high efficiency air cathode have increased the power density of the single cell by 25% (see Figure 1). The cast parts have reached the requirements of secondary flame spread specified in ASTM E-84 test terms

this resin is a new generation of epoxy vinyl ester designed by Ashland to meet the needs of the emerging infrastructure market in the FRP industry

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