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The nitrogenous fertilizer and methanol industry made clear the idea of environmental protection upgrading

on December, the China nitrogenous fertilizer industry association held a 2015 environmental protection work experience exchange meeting in the nitrogenous fertilizer and methanol industry in Beijing. Guzongqin, President of China Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry Association, put forward the overall idea of environmental protection upgrading of nitrogen fertilizer and methanol industry by promoting applicable technologies, studying exit mechanisms, and improving emission standards

Gu zongqin pointed out that during the "13th five year plan" period, the nitrogen fertilizer and methanol industries are facing an increasingly severe environmental protection situation. The action plan for the prevention and control of water pollution, the action plan for the prevention and control of air pollution, and the proposal of the CPC Central Committee on formulating the 13th five year plan for national economic and social development all put forward new requirements for the green transformation of traditional manufacturing industries such as nitrogen fertilizer and methanol to varying degrees. On December 2, the executive meeting of the State Council decided to fully implement ultra-low emissions for coal-fired units by 2020, and resolutely eliminate and shut down those that do not meet the requirements of relevant mandatory standards. Therefore, nitrogenous fertilizer and methanol enterprises must also prepare in advance to cope with the upgrading of environmental protection requirements

Gu zongqin believes that the direction of environmental protection work in China's nitrogen fertilizer and methanol industry is cleaner production, emission reduction and green development, and the following work should be done:

speed up technological upgrading and continue to promote the adjustment of raw material structure. Encourage and support qualified nitrogenous fertilizer enterprises to transform their raw material routes, and actively seek financial support from relevant state departments. At present, there are 20 enterprises on the market. The existing skin firming and lifting technology is mainly through the addition of active ingredients (such as collagen protein, plant polyphenols, hyaluronic acid, etc.) to achieve antioxidant, repair damaged skin and report the transformation project. If this work is completed on schedule, it is expected that the replacement and upgrading of synthetic ammonia capacity will be 7.5-8 million tons/year, and the proportion of synthetic ammonia capacity with non smokeless lump coal as raw material will be increased by about 10 percentage points

accelerate environmental protection transformation and actively promote advanced and applicable technologies. Encourage and support enterprises to adopt advanced and applicable cleaner production technologies and promote the green transformation of old enterprises; Promote environmental protection transformation and relocation of enterprises in or near urban built-up areas; Accelerate the popularization and application of advanced and applicable water-saving and water control technologies. At present, the China nitrogenous fertilizer industry association is organizing the industry to put forward the "technical transformation plan for water saving and ultra-low wastewater discharge in nitrogenous fertilizer and methanol production" and the "technical transformation plan for the treatment of air pollutants in nitrogenous fertilizer and methanol production enterprises"

accelerate technological innovation and actively tackle key applicable technologies. Accelerate the research and development of new non phosphorus circulating water treatment agents, advanced treatment of high ammonia nitrogen and high COD wastewater, reuse of salty wastewater, high concentration brine treatment and other technologies. Study and solve the problems of cyanophenol pollution transfer and cyanophenol treatment in the process of gas washing, and ammonia escape from boiler flue gas desulfurization by ammonia method; Research and develop domestic nitrous oxide emission reduction technology and testing instruments

study the exit mechanism and guide the exit of backward production capacity in the industry. Encourage enterprises that do not have the advantages of raw materials (coal, natural gas) and resources (water), enterprises with limited environmental capacity, and enterprises with no hope of turning losses to withdraw voluntarily

in addition, the China nitrogen fertilizer industry association will also accelerate the promotion of the "emission standard of air pollutants for chemical fertilizer industry" and the "water-saving enterprise standard" for nitrogen fertilizer, and the system will automatically clear; The water intake quota for ammonia, urea and methanol and the emission standard of pollutants for coal chemical industry were formulated, leading the establishment of a statistical platform for industrial emissions corkgel and natural oil, continuing to promote the construction of circular economy within and between industries, and commending units and individuals who have made outstanding achievements in energy conservation and emission reduction

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