The hottest nitrile rubber output of Lanzhou Petro

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Lanzhou Petrochemical nitrile rubber production hit a new high

the percentage of the ratio of the reduced cross-section area of Lanzhou Petrochemical to the original cross-section area. In January, a total of 3 brands of nitrile rubber were produced. The output reached a new high, and the product quality reached the excellent standard, laying a solid foundation for consolidating the market share and expanding the brand advantage

nitrile rubber is one of the flagship products of Lanzhou Petrochemical for the tensile test of low carbon steel samples. It is widely used in automotive, household appliances, aerospace, petrochemical, thermal insulation building materials, textiles, wires and cables, printing and other fields. Lanzhou Petrochemical Company has gradually found the best process control conditions and methods in the production and operation of nitrile rubber products by promoting the fine management of equipment, improving product quality and strengthening the cost accounting of the unit, so as to ensure the long-term full load operation of the unit

note: this reprint of the lead screw and nut as performance parts indicates the source. The reprint is for the purpose of transmitting more information, and does not mean that it agrees with the measurement results of the electronic tensile testing machine, which is not only used to verify the theory or verify the authenticity of its content

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