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Nanjing: noble mooncakes took off their costumes to sell

it is more than a month before the Mid Autumn Festival, but the sales of mooncakes on the market have been quite lively. The introduction of the "slimming" new deal has basically pulled the long-standing "noble mooncakes" out of the market, and the price of hotel mooncakes has generally declined

star rated moon cakes cling to "poverty" and avoid wealth

I visited several star rated hotels in Nanjing and found that "sky high priced moon cakes" with thousands of yuan in the past and "tie-in moon cakes" with wine and cigarettes have been hard to find this year. The price of the main moon cake gift box is mostly below 300 yuan. Five star hotel Kingsley Sheraton even launched civilian moon cakes with 68 yuan/box, and the most expensive box is only more than 200 yuan. Even Jinling Hotel, which once launched Nanjing's top-level moon cakes, The selling price of mooncakes this year has also shrunk significantly, with the lowest falling to 108 yuan/box. When I came to Wal Mart supermarket, a box of moon cakes of a brand with a net weight of 450 grams sold for 72 yuan, and was only wrapped in ordinary red cartons. The "gap between rich and poor" between mooncakes is obviously becoming less obvious

although the price is generally reduced, the profit is still considerable

the suspension of luxury mooncakes means that the profit of mooncakes is declining? An unnamed industry insider said, how is it possible? It seems that the price has fallen, but the profit is still considerable. To be conservative, the profit of moon cakes can at least double after slimming down

you sell and I sell. Restaurants are busy eating autumn.

the sale of moon cakes is no longer the patent of hotels and pastry shops. In the interview, it was found that with the implementation of the new deal this year, more and more small and medium-sized restaurants are busy "eating autumn". The front desk staff of a medium-sized restaurant, who also need to pay attention to many problems when producing more functions and more beautiful installations, recently received the promotion task of "80 boxes per person" from the boss. She revealed to the boss that the 1500 boxes ordered from the manufacturer last year were not enough to sell, and another 1000 boxes were ordered this year to continuously absorb and cultivate high-quality technical talents

a restaurant owner who did not want to be named told that in the past, the restaurant could not bid a high price based on its popularity, and diners also felt that they could not give it away, so they were unwilling to invest too much in moon cakes, but now does wine sound very interesting? The price of mooncakes in the store is only oneortwo hundred yuan. The packaging is simple and environmentally friendly, and the difference is not big. Diners are naturally willing to buy nearby. This year, the investment in mooncakes will naturally be increased

source: Modern Express

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