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Noise, endurance There are still many challenges to be solved in drone delivery.

many large companies around the world generally believe that the drone express market has prospects, and they have also made layout in this field early, such as Amazon, which started the earliest, and later Google, express company DHL. In addition to SF, domestic logistics giants, if the dynamometer devices left, Cainiao and meituan also make efforts to seize the market heights, the competition in this field will become increasingly fierce

according to an earlier report by financial house, in March 2015, SF cooperated with the drone R & D company Jifei to promote the drone express business in rural markets such as mountainous areas and remote villages with a flight density of 500 sorties per day in the Pearl River Delta. However, due to China's unclear regulatory measures for UAVs, some UAV tests are considered black flying

in December 2016, Amazon, an e-commerce giant, conducted its first unmanned aerial vehicle test in Cambridge, England. Amazon is actually the first initiator of the mold design trend of UAV delivery fever towards industry 4.0 - systematization and automation. In December, 2013, Amazon CEO Bezos promised to deliver packages with drones in CBS' 60 minutes program. At that time, this news attracted worldwide attention

five years later, although the popularity of drones is getting higher and higher, Bezos is betting on more grounded drivers. And the UAV project called Amazon Prime air, initiated by Bezos, has not been tested for a long time due to the restrictions of the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States

then, how far is it from delivering goods by drones? In fact, there are still many difficulties before the large-scale unmanned delivery promotion

first of all, the input cost of logistics UAV battery research and development is high. The endurance limit of commercial UAV is 45 minutes and 20 kilometers. If you take goods, you need to replace the battery or recharge after flying 10 kilometers back and forth. Under complex flight environment conditions, it is easy to cause small piston damage and oil leakage. Endurance ability and zero accident will test the comprehensive ability of UAV. Google's project wing fixed wing has a much longer endurance, but it can't land and take off quickly. It can only deliver things in open areas, and residents are troubled by the drone delivery service provided by wing

according to the Sydney Morning Herald, residents in bonython, Australia, have complained that the noise emitted by the drone during delivery not only interferes with people's rest, but also frightens nearby birds and other creatures. In addition, residents are worried that the camera equipped on the drone to record the transportation route may reveal their home address information

in addition, even military technology cannot achieve accurate positioning in cities. And in the process of UAV delivery, we should also pay attention to avoiding other UAVs. Even if all commercial UAVs have the function of communicating with each other, which can ensure the overall cooperation without collision, but we can't take into account the general consumer UAVs, there are still great potential safety hazards

secondly, drone delivery is likely to endanger public safety. The British Daily Mail quoted experts as saying that mass-produced UAVs are made by 3D printing on the assembly line, and the program is easy to be reconfigured and modified, and may also be exposed to the risk of hackers. And as a logistics UAV, its load can theoretically transport any goods, including combustion devices, explosive devices, etc. If these dangerous goods appear in public dense areas, the consequences will be unimaginable

finally, long-term supervision at the national level is required before UAV delivery can be realized on a large scale. Previously, the United States legally banned all forms of Commerce, and extruder exports fell by 7.3% in the first 10 months of this year UAV flights, including experimental flights, require an application to the government before the Federal Aviation Administration makes an exception. According to the global UAV report, the application range of domestic UAVs is controlled within 500 meters, and once the flight altitude exceeds 1000 meters, it may endanger the safety of aircraft routes. The large-scale application of unmanned aerial vehicles means that a large number of routes need to be applied, but it is not realistic in the current situation

the prosperity of UAV market has prompted relevant domestic departments to accelerate the formulation of relevant standards. Pangpai quoted informed sources as saying that in order to solve the problem of UAV legislation, in 2017, the National Air Traffic Control Commission led all relevant departments to jointly participate in the formulation of the Interim Regulations on the flight management of unmanned aerial vehicles to promote the flight standardization and compliance of the UAV industry

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