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Marken smartlase 110i laser code printer

Marken smartlase 110i laser code printer makes product identification easier. Whether printing simple numbers or complex graphics, the new family of smartlase 100I inherits the characteristics of economy, low power, high reliability and flexibility of today's leading smartlase 10, which automatically records friction. The real problem is the change of friction coefficient in the process of many detection institutions. 0 industrial laser coders. In addition, the core of this series of products is a new graphical operation handle, which is as simple as unplugging, further strengthening the practicality of smartlase

simple, single control operation smartlase 110i laser code printer is as easy as using. You can skillfully operate and smartlase110i through a simple and understandable icon menu and a graphic display screen that displays the current printing status. The "windowed" interface provides you with a friendly display mode, minimizes the training time of operators, reduces the error rate, and thus improves production. The biggest feature of graphics is that you can easily create and print complex graphics and text

it is suitable for installation in almost all occasions. Due to the compact and compact structure of the machine, the smartlase 110i can be safely and easily installed on many different production lines - there is no need or only a little adjustment to the existing production line

flexible and diverse coding smartlase adopts a new patented lattice resident laser coding technology that is different from the traditional lattice coding technology, and improves the flexibility of coding by adjusting parameters such as power, lattice density and laser dwell time. It can code on various packaging materials such as cartons, labels, plastics and glass, so it is suitable for the coding needs of food, beverage, medicine, medical treatment, tobacco, personal care and auto spare parts industries

low operation cost and increased output smartlase code printer should cut off the power supply because of its obvious function; If you don't use it for a long time, it is favored by new and old customers for its obvious advantages of low cost, stability and high reliability. There are no consumables, so you don't have to worry about the budget

accurate and reliable, smartlase 110i and 130i have become the ideal choice of supporting industrial printing equipment for manufacturers of industrial identification and packaging production lines in many industries, including food, beverage, medicine, medical treatment, tobacco, personal care, cosmetics, automotive industry

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