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World Dairy Market: demand growth plays a "leading role" (I)

Tom suber, President of the American dairy export association, said at the 11th Annual Meeting of the China Dairy Industry Association recently that in the next 10 years, the international dairy market will be dominated by demand growth, and China will be the country with the greatest impact on this demand. Although we have been studying materials and some material technology issues, Tom SOBO drew this conclusion based on the analysis of the European analysis company Landell mills

in the next 10 years, the global dairy market will still be dominated by demand growth.

according to Landell mills' analysis, in the next 10 years, the global dairy market is expected to generate a raw milk supply gap of 2.24 million tons after the completion of the R & D center. By 2010, the global dairy trade demand will increase by 1million tons from the current 5million tons

in the newly increased 1million tons of dairy trade, the growth outside the United States is estimated to be less than 450000 tons. Under special conditions, the maximum increase is 750000 tons. China and Russia are the countries with the largest growth in dairy demand. Among them, China's dairy demand will increase to 216000 tons in 2010, and Russia's dairy demand will increase by 79900 tons

landell mills believes that worldwide, the market demand for dairy products will largely depend on the situation of global social and economic development. If the urbanization process and income increase of developing countries continue to maintain the growth trend, the market demand for dairy products will continue to increase. In the next 10 years, the main factors affecting the global dairy trade demand are economic growth and changes in trade norms. Among them, the impact of global economic growth is even greater

there is another point that cannot be ignored, that is, the role of chain supermarkets in dairy sales is becoming more and more obvious. Because the sales link of dairy products requires a cold chain system and a large shelf space, if the chain supermarkets actively cooperate in the above two aspects, it will stimulate dairy consumption to a great extent, and then drive the growth of market demand

in addition, with the rapid growth of dairy market concentration, the scale of dairy companies is becoming larger and larger, the market concentration is becoming higher and higher, and the demand is also growing. For example, MD company in Denmark controls 85% of the national dairy market; In Latin America and other countries, the dairy market is basically controlled by several large European companies

the United States is targeting the 600000 ton dairy gap

by 2010, which countries and regions can supply the growth of global dairy demand? Landel will decompose into fragments after the shelf life. Mills analysis shows that according to the current global dairy growth rate, New Zealand can increase the supply by 320000 tons. On the same basis, Australia can increase its supply by 50000 tons and Argentina by 27000 tons. Other countries can increase supply by 50000 tons

however, according to the global demand for 1million tons of dairy products, there is still a supply gap of 600000 tons. According to Landell mills' analysis, as the EU dairy supply is a quota supply, the market is not open, but due to the cost, it is unlikely to meet this supply gap. The remaining two major dairy producing countries are India and the United States. In fact, only these two countries can supply such a large amount of dairy products

landell mills believes that India is not a stable potential exporter. It is possible for its fresh milk to meet the domestic supply, but it is difficult to supply and export. The growth of new dairy products will be basically domestic consumption. Therefore, only American suppliers can increase enough dairy supply in the next 5 to 10 years

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