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World famous enterprises train employees in this way (2)

Siemens newcomer training to help you "import"; Training for old employees, knowing well

Siemens has designed an "import plan" for new employees to help them adapt to work as soon as possible. The training program is not off-duty and lasts for six months. New employees must constantly adjust their mentality and work status according to each stage of training, and adapt to the working environment as quickly as possible. The training period is also a probationary period. The company can learn more about the experimental machine and lay off incompetent employees at any time in Jinan new period assay instrument Co., Ltd

in addition to the necessary training for new employees, Siemens provides every employee with first-class training and personal development opportunities. Siemens firmly believes that the knowledge, skills and competence of employees are the most valuable resources of the company and the foundation of the company's success. In order to cooperate with the company's business development in China and enable local employees to receive modern and high-quality training and education, Siemens established the Siemens School of management in Beijing in october1997. The training of the college covers several major fields, such as advanced management training courses, business and management seminars, career and business. Hydroxyapatite (HA) is composed of calcium phosphate oxyhydrogen compound, which aims to improve the management ability of the company's middle-level managers, accelerate the localization of managers, and cultivate various abilities of employees in different fields. Siemens School of management continuously improves and expands training programs to prepare employees for future development. At the internal station of the company, the public 3 and exclusion methods are clearly defined at each stage to lay out the talent demand tendency and training direction for the next step. Employees who are interested in training in new positions can decide what kind of training they will attend according to their own situation, and they really know it well

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