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Development direction of plastic packaging materials in the world in recent years, although the growth rate of industrial production in the world has slowed down, due to the adoption of new measures such as strong alliance and transnational cooperation, the world packaging industry has made new development. New packaging materials, new processes, new technologies and new products continue to emerge. In some fields, the development rate of packaging materials is faster than that of packaging itself

the new polyethylene naphthalene dicarboxylate (pen) packaging material takes the lead. Compared with pet, pen has better barrier properties, especially gas barrier and UV resistance, and good heat resistance. The thermal deformation temperature of ordinary amorphous pen can reach 100 ℃, while that of pet is only 70 ℃. Pen has broad prospects in the packaging of beverages, beer and cosmetics. Due to the progress made in the production of pen by means of industrialization, pen is expected to enter the packaging field in a large number in the near future, triggering another packaging revolution after pet

with the implementation of ISO14000, the international environmental standard d/a -----------------------------------------------------------------. BASF in Germany has launched E-co nexa, a degradable polyester resin polymerized with aliphatic alcohols and aromatic acids, which can be used in film production. According to the information, the annual demand of degradable plastics in Western Europe is 20000 tons, which are mainly used in composting bags, garbage bags, mulching films, composite paper, fast food packaging containers and beverage cups

metallocene polymers have many advantages, such as good processability, high strength, good rigidity and transparency, so they have attracted people's attention and many new varieties have been introduced. Metallocene plastics will directly impact PP, MDPE, LLDPE, elastomer and other plastic markets. At present, the demand for PE in the world market is 40million tons, which is expected to increase to 50million tons by 2005. Most of the increase is metallocene polyethylene. Metallocene plastics have many advantages, such as good gloss, high melt strength and good film stability. They are suitable for food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, shrink film and sanitary products

extruded foamed PP sheet of Italian a-mut company is the latest development of foamed plastic products. It uses Montell's high viscosity resin, high strength polypropylene (HMSPP), PP Homopolymer and low ODP chemical foaming agent to produce foamed polypropylene sheet (EPP) with fine pores and uniform distribution, with a density of 0.6kg/m3. At present, the use of foamed PP accounts for only 12.5% of the foamed materials. Compared with PP sheets with the same performance, the density of foamed PP products is low, which can save 20% of raw materials, highlight the main role of the enterprise and give play to the decisive role of the market in resource allocation, thus saving 20% of the expenses to be paid due to damage to the ecological environment

in recent years, medical packaging plastics have attracted people's attention. According to relevant reports, the annual growth rate of drug packaging is 7%, far exceeding the annual growth rate of 2.5%. Bayer developed polycarbonate (PC) packaging materials for intravenous injection, and branumedicaf developed polyamide (PA) materials for injection. The tablet packaging material PP developed by PCD polymers Austria is safe to use and easy to recycle. In addition, 300um transparent sheet Blister packaging produced by PP copolymer can be heat sealed by common methods

the packaging equipment is also developing towards environmental protection and the insignificant multi-function of the three yuan supporting model. Modern packaging equipment is a high-tech product integrating light, machinery, electricity, magnetism, bionics and aesthetics. It has a fast development speed and a faster update speed. Many high-tech achievements in the world will be applied in packaging equipment, such as 3D laser scanning design machine. At present, in addition to developing fully automatic intelligent and digital packaging equipment, high-speed film making and bag making equipment, and large-scale hollow container (container barrel and hollow tray) forming equipment with more than 1000 liters, some countries are trying to develop new packaging equipment such as energy-saving regeneration and comprehensive utilization. Its main feature is to improve the output and speed, and one machine can be used for multiple purposes. In recent years, the recycling of waste plastics has been widely valued, the recycling equipment has increased rapidly, and the types and specifications of various crushers are complete. At present, the plastic processing industry has changed from high-speed growth to medium-speed and stable growth of processing equipment and processing technology. Exploring new uses is another development direction of plastic packaging equipment

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