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Heavy! Another zero pollution powder coating additive product release

blockbuster! Another zero pollution powder coating additive product release

January 18, 2019

the launch of new products will be extremely important to the development of the whole industry, and is very critical to the innovation of an industry. According to the coating procurement news, recently, BYK chemical launched a powder coating additive product byk-3933p, which is also an excellent irradiation resistant material. It is reported that this product is a modified polyacrylate, which is adsorbed on silicon dioxide, and it can improve the surface tension to provide good wetting and recoating properties

as the world's largest paint additive company, bicker chemical has been working in the global market for more than 145 years, and in the Chinese market for more than 30 years. We invest 8% of our turnover in R & D every year, which is three times higher than the industry standard. More than 22% of our employees worldwide are R & D and technical personnel

145 years of professional ability and huge global resource investment have created our complete, unique and leading product portfolio. In the field of powder coatings, in addition to the well-known defoamer ceraflour-961, BYK chemical also has a complete, unique and leading series of products. Here is a brief introduction to BYK's special additives in powder coatings

1. Byk-3933p which can improve the surface tension of dry film

byk-3933p is a modified polyacrylate, which is adsorbed on silica. It can improve the surface tension to provide good wetting and recoating properties, which is very important for powder coatings (primer, color paint, or recoating with liquid paint)

byk-3933p application example, the powder coating is coated with liquid water-borne blue coating. After the dry film surface tension is increased, the liquid coating is easier to wet on the powder primer and the leveling is better

2. Silicone anti graffiti easy cleaning additive - byk-lpx 22089

byk-lpx 22089 is a silicone leveling agent, which can reduce surface tension and provide hydrophobic and oil repellent effect

spray liquid graffiti paint on White PU powder paint. After it is completely dry, draw 100 grids to test the adhesion. Byk-lpx 22089 has stain resistance effect. Note: byk-lpx 22089 is a silicone additive with strong cross contamination

3. Surface smoothness and anti scratch leveling agent - byk-3932p

for the smoothness and scratch resistance of the paint film, wax powder is often recommended in the market, but wax products cannot be used for occasions with high appearance requirements, such as high gloss, especially black highlights. For such use scenarios, BYK launched a patented product byk-3932p, which is more slippery than wax powder and has no negative impact on gloss and appearance

4. Anti cross contamination, synergistic anti shrinkage agent - byk-3931p

when switching different kinds of powders online, or when several kinds of powders are in the same workshop or even in the same line, there are often some random, large or small shrinkage cavities and orange lines. At this time, the combination of byk-3931p with about 0.3% in powder coating will greatly improve the impact strength

byk-3931p in addition to its high-efficiency synergistic effect, another biggest feature is that it has no pollution, and it will not pollute the paint without byk-3931p

5. Transparent powder leveling agent - byk-lpx 22737 and byk-lpx 23380

leveling agent for new generation transparent powder, 100% effective parts, without silica carrier, high transparency

use BYK Gardner's transmission fogger to quantitatively detect the transparency of the paint film. The smaller the value is, the more transparent it is. The results show that byk-lpx 22737 and byk-lpx 23380 have higher transparency than traditional leveling agents

6. Processing aids to improve the wetting and dispersion of pigments

although the pigment itself has an index of particle size, we often get an aggregate state. In order to obtain stronger color development, better appearance and lower viscosity, we must disperse the pigment into the original particle size through a mechanical process. For powder coatings, the dispersion process only takes a few minutes to extrude, so compared with liquid coatings, the demand for wetting and dispersion additives (processing aids) of powder coatings may be more urgent

byk-3950p, byk-3951p and byk-3955p are the standard recommendations, with an effective fraction of 63%, adsorbed on silica. Byk-lpn 22741 is the latest generation product with 100% effective content, which has better dispersion effect on organic pigments, especially carbon black

application of processing aids (wetting dispersants) the real change experimental machine is specially used to apply torque to samples. Examples:

reduce melt viscosity:

improve freshness (gloss, fog shadow, leveling):

7 Degassing and defoaming series additives

degassing and defoaming have always been BIC's strengths. In addition to the well-known ceraflour-961, we also have many other excellent products

for substrate degassing, ceraflour-961 is the first recommendation, ceraflour-962 can be added later, ceraflour-23rc1366 has little effect on interlayer adhesion, and is suitable for systems with lower baking temperature

for defoaming in the system, such as HAA system, ceraflou-960 is the first recommendation; Ceraflour-964 is applicable to low-temperature curing system, and has no negative impact on the appearance of paint film (Frost and permeability); Byk-3950p, byk-3951p, byk-3955p and other processing aids are also suitable for defoaming of low-temperature curing systems because the effective component is liquid flow

8. Adhesion promoter - byk-lpx 21725

as more and more substrates with poor pretreatment enter the powder coating industry, our requirements for adhesion promoters are higher and higher. Relying on bick's strong knowledge reserves and product development experience in the liquid coating industry, we have successfully launched the adhesion promoter for powder coatings - byk-lpx 21725, which has good effects on a variety of different metal substrates such as galvanized iron sheet

its biggest feature is its high efficiency and versatility, without silane components, and good stability

the following is an application example, pure epoxy system, 890 hours of salt spray test:

9 Byk-lpr 22986, which increases melt viscosity, improves corner coverage and has little impact on appearance

a new polymer product - byk-lpr 22986, compared with the traditional bentonite type thickener, byk-lpr 22986 has less impact on the appearance of the paint film under the condition of improving the same melt viscosity and the same corner coverage effect

10. Coarse texture effect - ceraflour-967

ceraflour-967 is a special synthetic polymer, which can obtain coarse texture effect due to its high phosphorus content. Its compatibility is very good, and it can provide uniform and highly reproducible texturing effect. Adding metallic pigments can get uniform hammer lines and worn surfaces without the defect of cab black and white dots

the following figure shows the effect of different extrusion conditions on the texture. The changes of addition amount, extrusion temperature and extrusion speed have little effect on the final texture size

11. Wear resistant and scratch resistant ptfe/pe wax powder - ceraflour-996

ceraflour-996 is a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) modified polyethylene (PE) micronized wax, which can effectively improve the scratch resistance and wear resistance

in powder coatings, ceraflour-996 can effectively improve the scratch resistance and wear resistance with only 0.3%~0.5% addition. If you want to improve the scratch resistance in black highlights without affecting the appearance, you can use byk-3932p

in 2017, Hefei Ketai powder materials Co., Ltd. was cooperating with BYK in Germany to better serve the development of domestic powder coating enterprises. As a leading enterprise in the global chemical industry, BYK has always been at the forefront of the whole industry in technology research and development and product renewal. This has also laid a solid foundation for the rapid development of Hefei Ketai in the domestic market

according to the paint procurement, Ketai powder has domestic advanced production equipment and international level testing instruments, and its product R & D strength and grade rank first in the industry.. With the joint efforts of all employees, Ketai powder, based on the concept of being refined, special and strong, serves customers, takes root in customers, and makes greater contributions to promoting the development of domestic additives in the coming years

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