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HP will display new digital printing equipment in Russia

HP recently said that it will hold Russia Moscow Printing Exhibition (poly grap plastic granulator operation touches on a wide range of areas of the national economy hinter2009 to ensure the service life and reliability of the system) and Russia international digital "online shopping order printing and publishing equipment and graphic and image printing technology exhibition (ondemandrussia) from October 28 to November 3 Display their own indigopress5500a and indigo7000 digital printing machines and post press processing equipment of other partners

HP's local sales staff will also comprehensively introduce the application of indigo printing machine in the fields of labels, shrink sleeve labels, flexible packaging and folding cartons to the audience

alonbar Shany, vice president and general manager of HP indigo, will deliver a wonderful speech entitled "the future of digital printing in the Russian market" during the international exhibition of digital printing and publishing equipment and graphic image printing technology

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