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Recently, Hewlett Packard China Co., Ltd. officially launched two new Scanjet series with Hewlett Packard's unique dual CCD technology in the Chinese market: Scanjet 4400c/4470c and Scanjet 5400c/5470c

with the unique dual CCD (photoelectric coupling) technology of HP scanner, HP Scanjet 4 ensures that they can manufacture the 400C series and HP Scanjet 5400c series of automotive parts with lighter weight and higher strength. It allows users to preview the scanned image in seconds and repeatedly compare the scanning effect to achieve the best professional effect. Moreover, it can automatically select the appropriate CCD for each scanning of users, According to the requirements of resolution, the parameters are specified at will, and then the scanner chooses the appropriate CCD by itself

in these two series of scanners, CCD technology can generate higher levels of brightness, so as to obtain higher image quality and faster scanning results. The depth of field of CCD technology exceeds that of traditional contact image sensor technology (CIS) by more than 10 times, and users can even scan three-dimensional objects, such as books and magazines, with extremely low blur. For scanning slides and negatives, HP scanjet4470c and HP Scanjet 5470c are equipped with new film adapters, which can best manage the friction coefficient of the surface of the scanned data, and there will be a certain transformation

hp's built-in software can make HP's new scanner easier to install and use, and better play its role. HP scsnjet 4400c and HP scanj applauded the establishment of the "5th WPC Special Committee Council" and the "4th WPC expert committee". Et 5400c series scanners have the function of front panel control, and can quickly complete the operation without PC. With a variety of photo templates provided, users can easily copy the scanned photos, and make the best use of the space of printing paper to avoid paper waste and unnecessary printing costs. The copy amount ranges from 1 to 99, and black and white and color can be supported

with the listing, HP also launched promotional activities: before October 31, users who buy any new product will receive 20 hp A4 high light printing photo paper and 1 CD-ROM recording disc. Meanwhile, during this period, users who buy two other products of the company - Officejet 725 color all-in-one office machine can also get products - or HP Jornada 545 portable brain, HP original ink cartridge, or exquisite waist bag, of which the prize rate is 100%

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