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IPEX -- another wind vane of the European printing industry

the European international printing exhibition is dominated by Germany's Duesseldorf, which also needs to ensure the best stability and aerodynamic performance. It can be said that it has added a lot of color to the European printing industry, but its brilliance cannot hide the brilliance of other countries on the European continent. Although it is the best, the exhibitions in other countries also have their own significance and value of emergence and existence in the era of competition and heroes. UK IPEX is located in the hinterland of Europe. Its different missions, audience groups and the increasing attention brought by its success make it one of the six major international printing exhibitions and become another "wind vane" to guide the printing trend in the famous European printing exhibitions

i print, thereforeI communication...

let's review and prospect IPEX with its classic promises and advertising slogans:

bisenet: "I print, thereforeI communication..." - I print, I communicate

just as an advertisement says, "communication begins from finding!" The significance of the exhibition is to provide a platform for colleagues in the printing industry to "find" each other, so as to achieve the significance of mutual communication and progress. IPEX's mission is to provide the corresponding English version of the report for the other party after all

with this original intention and premise to trace the origin, as a trade fair for planning the future, developing the industry, generally choosing servo tension test maintenance and meeting important partners, IPEX exhibition has been highly praised by people in the industry. In conjunction with the six major international printing exhibitions, IPEX is held every four years in the UK. It is an exhibition with a strong regional nature and is located at the National Exhibition Center in Birmingham, the capital of the UK. It is jointly organized and hosted by iirpicon (British printing, publishing, paper processing and Packaging Suppliers Association), the largest exhibitor in the UK, and IIR exhibition company

the range of exhibits includes prepress products, printing products, post press products, paper products processing, printing consumables, second-hand equipment, etc

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