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Another utility model patent of Shaanxi construction machinery was granted.

another utility model patent of Shaanxi construction machinery was granted.

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recently, the utility model patent of "mi64a5 paver operation panel signal acquisition device" of Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. was granted by the State Intellectual Property Office

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the utility model belongs to the field of automatic control technology of road construction machinery. It is a signal acquisition device for the paver operation panel, which is composed of a power module, an input module, an output drive module, a CAN bus communication module and a microcontroller. Compared with the existing technology, the acquisition device is small, stable, reliable, economical and practical, and can realize the signal acquisition and can bus communication functions of the foam particle machine on the paver operation panel, save production costs, and improve the intelligent control level of the paver in recent years. The device is filled with insulating resin glue, which has the functions of dust prevention, shockproof, salt alkali corrosion prevention and waterproof

the paver operation panel is the control center of the paver. The traditional paver operation panel takes the display and controller as the core to jointly build a communication network. Large size, high cost, and the number of input and output ports is often insufficient or redundant. With the improvement of the application level of science and technology, the electrical control system has developed in the direction of high integration and high intelligence. Therefore, according to the control requirements of the paver, the paver operation panel with small shape, simple wiring and strong reliability is designed and developed, and the annual output of 100000 tons of aluminum forging wheel hub and aluminum alloy new material processing project are constructed; With an investment of 300million yuan in phase 3, this product can be used for stretching, tightening, zigzagging and shearing of various metal materials. The collection device is of positive significance

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