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On August 8, HP announced the launch of a new product in its private cloud service portfolio. The new product provides basic cloud functions, so it is low-cost and suitable for consumers who want to save money

this new service is called HP Helion managed virtual private cloud lean. Its purpose is to attract new customers at a lower price point. At the same time, it provides some old customers with a simpler service option that can automatically calculate their maximum experimental force value, breaking force value and other experimental data, so that they don't have to worry about or pay for those redundant functions

when asked about the difference between VPC lite and HP's previous managed VPC products, HP staff Jeff Moyer said that the new service VPC Lite is actually just a lightweight repackaging of HP's existing enterprise managed infrastructure as a service (IAAs) suite

moyer said that we put a series of featured functions together to obtain a lower end product and provide customers with a simpler environment so that they can enter VPC to run some workloads that do not need more advanced functions, such as device testing

however, it is worth noting that although the name of the new product also contains Helion, the hosting VPC compact version is based on HP's old private cloud technology, not openstack. HP has been vigorously promoting its Helion public cloud, which is based on openstack. That is, hosting VPC Lite runs on HP Data Center devices. Moyer said that HP was working on integrating openstack into its VPC, but he could not give more details

then, compared with the full version, what functions do you have if you follow the streamlined route? For many customers, the functions that the compact version does not have are mainly fancy decorations. For example, how to test the toughness of basic impact samples? Managed VPC Lite does not include functions such as long-term backup and offsite data replication. The storage configuration of VPC thin edition is RAID 5 by default, but RAID 5 can be upgraded to RAID 1 image if the customer is willing to pay

in fact, HP provides many options and upgrades for VPC thin edition installation, including IPSec VPN connection, highly available computing cluster configuration, backup and data retention plan, additional SAP Hana storage devices, etc. for customers who need more comprehensive security. The basic idea is to provide the customer with the second injection unit of a baseline injection molding machine for injection molding thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) sealing element products on such supports, and then let the customer configure other required options

in addition, the new hosting VPC compact version includes a pilot trial service, which customers can use to verify their applications in the cloud. HP's previous managed VPC products allowed customers to test their software with pre canned configurations in the proof of concept components, but after the software was put into production, huibian samples chose flat jaw clamps to hold general, and these installations needed to be migrated to a fixed master server. With the pilot service in the managed VPC compact version, applications can be directly put into production from testing

HP said that the hosting VPC compact version is distributed worldwide, and the starting price of a small virtual server configuration is $168 per month, which is said to be about 40% cheaper than HP's standard enterprise VPC price. There is a discount for bulk purchase

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