Another small hydropower station in Huoshen Nongji

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Another small hydropower station in Shennongjia has been shut down. A total of 22 have been shut down.

on December 20, with the fall of the electric switch in the hands of the operating staff, the Huangyang River hydropower station located in the upper reaches of the Dangyang River in Muyu Town, Shennongjia Forest Region broke down industrial barriers and departmental divisions, and bid farewell to its 21 year power generation career. Yang Lishuang 0755 (8) 03, Shenzhen high molecular Industry Association: announced "retirement", So far, the 22 hydropower stations in Shennongjia officially withdrew from the stage of the history of plastic as a new type of component materials

Huangyang river power station was built in 1997, with an installed capacity of 200 kW and a power generation of 830000 kwh in the past five years. The power station is located within the visible range along the highway in Tianshengqiao scenic area, resulting in the cutoff of the river, which has a great impact on ecology and tourism. After the shutdown, the river micro electro hydraulic universal experimental machine originally used for power generation will be returned to the river to improve the river ecological environment

in order to strengthen the concept of green development and further do a good job in the ecological environment protection of Shennongjia forest region, according to the spirit of the instructions of the leaders of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government and the overall deployment of the summary on the study of the shutdown of small hydropower stations in Shennongjia forest region, a work plan for the shutdown of small hydropower stations affecting the ecological environment in Shennongjia forest region is proposed. In the plan, 30 power stations are required to be shut down, with a total installed capacity of 17075 kW, and the time limit is from 2015 to 2019, The shutdown was completed in five years. So far, 10 small hydropower stations have been shut down in 2018

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