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HP launched a new six color wide format printer

HP recently launched the first batch of wide format printers jointly developed with Seiko I InfoTech Inc

these six color HP Designjet printers are specially designed for 1. The pressure control system is mainly composed of pressure source, pressure pipeline and electrical control. It is a low solvent printing system, including low solvent ink, ink cartridge, cleaning and maintenance tools and printing materials. The materials and design of the inner surface of the fixture should make us fail when the sample reaches the maximum load

the printing resolution of HP Designjet 9000s is 72020dpi, and the speed is as high as 20 square meters/hour. HP claims that this is the cheapest printer of this level. It will be launched on March 1st, 2006, while the printing speed of Designjet 8000s series printer is 10 square meters/hour, and it will be launched in May, 2006

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