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HP synergy will become a new "composite" infrastructure

HP enterprise business company pointed out that its synergy is a new composite infrastructure. HP enterprise business has developed a new combined hardware solution, and claims that it can greatly reduce the time cycle of running and carrying new applications while reducing the operating costs of the data center

synergy of HP enterprise business company will become a new combined infrastructure. HP enterprise business company pointed out that this product called HPE synergy integrates the requirements of storage, computing and B. fixture materials: the equipment is connected to the same pallet, and it is also equipped with management software that can quickly automate the configuration of hardware, so as to allocate resources according to the specific needs of applications

The company will bring products with excellent performance to the event

the company explained that HPE synergy's unique built-in software can automatically discover existing capacity resources in an intelligent way and summarize them into a resource pool, so as to help customers automatically prepare for the operation of all physical, virtual and container applications after the infrastructure starts to operate

industry analysts who had witnessed the early version of this product said that they were deeply impressed by the scheme. However, to be truly successful, it still depends on the actual effect of HP enterprise business company's publicity to potential customer groups and whether its promised functions can be truly delivered

synergy will be launched in the second quarter of next year, and the specific price of this product is not clear up to now

its basic hardware is a set of rack units with a height of FRAM 10 (17.5 inches), and it can configure different amounts of computing and storage resources according to different needs of customers. The whole box also contains the necessary equipment for running the management software, including synergy composer and synergy image streamer. Four sets of frames can be stacked into one frame, and the accuracy of the other frames can be butted

as a new function in the software, this scheme can intelligently discover computing and storage resources and converge them into a resource pool. The software can also save the configuration details for specific applications as templates and deploy them through composer. When a set of templates is started, it will be programmed for hardware configuration without human intervention. HP enterprise business company pointed out that this greatly reduces the probability of errors and improves the speed of process completion. Its management software can also save the operating system image and apply the system image after the server configuration is completed. The whole process is also completed in an automated manner

synergy server five racks side by side group photo

if there is no template applicable to the configuration requirements, the unified API developed by HP enterprise business company can handle the relevant functional requirements, including BIOS configuration, storage configuration and other tasks related to hardware settings. If the Devops team wants to test a new application, the unified API will require them to enter a line of code to configure the necessary system, HP enterprise business explained. In this way, developers can quickly start the necessary work and avoid configuration bottlenecks in the IT department

Richard fichera, chief analyst of Forrester Research, pointed out that synergy should be able to significantly reduce the time it departments spend on new system configuration

fichera, former director of HP blade system strategy, pointed out that it has solved a large number of basic configuration problems at the physical level, thus greatly improving the dynamic level of infrastructure. He joined Forrester five years ago

this combined infrastructure is not a new thing. Paul Delory, an analyst at Gartner, pointed out that Cisco has also introduced this concept into its UCS M series servers. However, HP enterprise business seems to be going further in realizing its potential, he said, although synergy will not really be available for several months. I think what they put forward is indeed an innovative achievement

HP enterprise business company has set the target audience of this product as large enterprises who want to enjoy the flexibility of cloud infrastructure, but do not plan to migrate applications to the cloud environment, perhaps for security or compliance reasons. At present, such enterprises should come from the fields of finance, health care and insurance

Paul durzan, vice president of infrastructure management and orchestration software at HP enterprise business, pointed out that synergy will become the next stage of the converged system revolution, which means that customers can buy a set of pre configured virtualization infrastructure. However, the converged system will be limited by the physical hardware in the device

when you buy your own resources, you also buy a physical boundary. Therefore, if you use all of the storage resources, but at the same time some computing resources are not used, you can only choose to buy another device, durzan said. Synergy solves the problem of unequal use of resources. Durzan points out that unlike the integrated system, this scheme will not set a fixed matching ratio for storage and computing; In fact, all the capacity in synergy can be utilized, even if it means that storage components are stuffed into both racks

this system can still be virtualized, and HP enterprise business company said that it is currently cooperating with VMware, Microsoft, puppet, ansible, chef and other manufacturers to connect synergy API with virtualization and automation tools of all parties

durzan said that, for example, when using chef, you can obtain various configuration templates and add them to chef as a library

synergy can also help enterprise customers streamline the procurement process. Fichera pointed out that because customers import waste paper into waste pulp overseas as a technology, they may no longer need to purchase new hardware products for specific applications or capacity needs; Synergy can provide excellent system configuration flexibility for the device after installation

idc analyst Jed Scaramella explained that in addition, synergy itself also plays a cornerstone role towards a fully integrated system, which may allow us to programmatically assemble individual processors and memory chips. Although this capability is currently limited to Intel Xeon server processors, when high-speed silicon photonic interconnection technology becomes a reality, servers may eventually be decomposed into a single chip level

customers are very interested in the concept of combined system, he pointed out, but a considerable number of enterprises have never heard of this term at all. In his view, synergy will first attract blade server customers, and HP enterprise business company already has a considerable scale of such customer groups. After that, this concept will gradually appear in Cisco and its UCS servers, he said

although it is bound to face some obstacles in promotion, fichera pointed out that this is not a technical scheme that can be affirmed only after vigorous publicity. It does have considerable development potential

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