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HP printing portfolio Service Asia Pacific printing company

HP showed its latest digital graphic printing product portfolio. By achieving greater efficiency and exploring new application areas, this product portfolio will help printing companies in the Asia Pacific region succeed. Brand owners have been seeking to make the brand stand out through effective communication, which has driven the demand for short edition printing, on-demand printing services and customized services. Gidovan, vice president of HP Asia Pacific and Japan printing and information products group (PPS), general manager of graphics printing solutions division, and even become an indispensable equipment Praag said: with HP digital graphics printing solutions platform, printing companies all over the Asia Pacific can easily achieve higher efficiency, grasp new opportunities and expand application fields

HP will continue to expand its digital product portfolio to ensure product coverage and end-to-end services to meet the needs of printing companies. Especially in the field of packaging, HP has been committed to providing customers with products that help them win digital opportunities, The plan to be launched soon will also help printing companies find new opportunities by conducting new experiments and repeated experiments with a larger load. More than 80% of the damage in soft metal parts is caused by fatigue. The most important and longest problem is the overload field of experimental force

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