The hottest HP will launch 3D printers this year

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HP will launch 3D printers within this year

HP and STRATASYS will reach a cooperation agreement, and STRATASYS will be responsible for the research and development of 3 what is equipment with HP trademark? Whether it is a device depends on the noise of the device D printer

3d printer uses inkjet technology. By stacking ink layer by layer, it can directly print solid models and other complex shapes of machine parts. In this way, users can judge the performance of parts by testing these 3D models with the highest accuracy of plus or minus 0.5, which is relatively cheap, so as to save money

STRATASYS is a powerful company. Recently, it also cooperated with Autodesk to print 188 parts for the turbine propeller aircraft engine model through 3D printing technology, using proportional electromagnets as electro-mechanical converters

HP plans to start selling 3D printers later this year, mainly for the mechanical design market

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