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Xiamen Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.: another white horse with pre increased performance

Guide: with the strengthening of infrastructure, the rapid growth of construction machinery industry is an indisputable fact. The secondary market reflects the changes in fundamentals. Shantui shares (000680) and Guilin Liugong (000528) have become the leading gainers in this sector. This sector still has great potential to tap, such as Xiamen, which has just increased its performance in advance

with the strengthening of infrastructure, it is an indisputable fact that the construction machinery industry is growing at a high speed. The secondary market reflects the changes in fundamentals. Shantui shares (000680) and Guilin Liugong (000528) have become the leading gainers in this sector, and this sector has great potential to tap. For example, Xiamen Engineering Group (600815), which has just increased its performance in advance, is expected to stand out and become another dark horse in the engineering machinery sector

in 2002, the state implemented an active fiscal policy and continued to increase infrastructure construction, especially the commencement of four key projects, the full start of urban construction, and the implementation of mortgage sales in the construction machinery industry. The demand for construction machinery continued to grow. According to the loader industry data express, the total output value (current price) of the loader industry in 2002 was 10.433 billion yuan, and the sales volume of loaders increased by 67% over the same period last year. The market share of the company's leading product loader is 18.51%, ranking first in the industry. The company has strengthened technological and management innovation, and various turnover indicators and profitability indicators have been improved

the performance and quality of the wheel loaders produced by the company are at the leading level in China. First, the "Xiagong" brand wheel loader is the only loader brand designated for Antarctic construction after strict screening by the polar Survey Office of the State Oceanic Administration; Secondly, the "Xiagong" brand loader is the equipment selected by the Chinese people's Liberation Army every year, and it is the only loader brand for our peacekeeping forces in Cambodia and troops stationed in Hong Kong; Third, the market share of Xiamen industrial products is firmly in the forefront of its peers, and has been exported to the United States, Egypt, Southeast Asia and more than a dozen countries and regions

the company's main models such as loaders were disclosed in last year's annual report. The business income generated by this model alone accounted for 95.75% of the company's total main business income, and the scale advantage was quite obvious. In the past two years, the sales volume and sales volume of the company's main product loaders have ranked first in the industry, becoming the fastest-growing company in the industry. The overall strength and competitiveness have been further improved, and the leading position in the industry has been maintained and consolidated

the stock performed poorly in the first half of the year and was not exploited by the market, so it was impossible to get the maximum load Pb, so it was not strong. 4) argument 2: push the jaw limit horizontally σ b. Until recently, the company announced a pre increase in performance, and the share price began to move. On the day of the announcement, the stock opened higher and went higher, breaking the moving average in one fell swoop, breaking through the long-term downward channel and opening up the upward channel of the new market. Recently, the trading volume of the stock has increased significantly, there are signs of active funds, and the technical indicators have also gone well. Thursday's Yin cross star has the conditions for further breakthroughs in morphology, and investors can focus on it

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