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HP launched a new enterprise level cloud printing scheme

with the rise of intelligent terminals, users have more and more demand for mobile office. HP recently launched a new cloud printing scheme HP eprint enterprise 2.2 (HP enterprise level cloud printing 2. greatly enhances the core competitiveness of Yucheng enterprise 2). This scheme is to expand the overall performance through a number of enhanced functions, Mobile printing technology that integrates with mobile device security management (MDM) solutions. In addition, HP has also entered into a partnership with good technology, which has more than 3800 users worldwide, including half of the fortune 100 companies. It provides secure integration solutions for mobile devices in the workplace by distinguishing between enterprise employee personal information and enterprise data

14. report generation: the U-disk is connected to the computer to generate. Using the good for enterprise solution, employees of the company can print through HP eprint enterprise server, IOS intelligence and tablet computer applications. It has the functions of automatic hammer suction, automatic zero setting, automatic lifting and avoiding two shocks. At present, users can print on a variety of printers through various mobile devices anytime and anywhere through the network established by HP covering 30000 HP public printing sites around the world, including FedEx offices, UPS stores and Hilton Hotels

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