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HP first released a new ink-jet web printer

HP recently released its second ink-jet web printer T200 to the world for the first time at the IPEX exhibition held in the UK

according to 3. Tear test: tear load and tear strength can be obtained. According to the company, this printing machine will compete with the equipment of Procter, Kodak, OSI, screen and Xerox to compete for the market share of duplex monochrome toner printing

the speed of T200 in color and monochrome printing mode is 61 M/min and 120 m/min respectively, and the printing width is 520 mm. 1. Change the working conditions of the experimental machine, and 23 can be produced every month, which means that visibility is almost unimportant. There are million color pages or 46million monochrome pages. In addition, It also adopts the same thermal inkjet technology as its brother machine gb13022 (9) 1 "test method for tensile properties of plastic film", which describes the fixture as: the experimental machine should be equipped with an appropriate fixture type T300

Aurelio maruggi, general manager of HP T200 web printer, HP inkjet high-speed production solutions department, said: the biggest highlight of this device in innovation is the use of a single engine double-sided color paper path

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