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Anqing forest paper project, the largest forest paper integration project in China, was approved by the national development and Reform Commission. With a total investment of about 15 billion yuan, Anqing forest 3, China's first complete forest paper integration project, which plans 1.7 million tons of pulp, paper and 5million mu of fast-growing forest, is a paper integration project to strengthen the separation of industries. It was officially signed in Dongying, Youcheng a few days ago. This is the first forest paper integration project won by China's domestic paper-making enterprises in the competition with the global top 500, and it is also the largest forest paper integration project in China at present. Shandong Huatai Group, the world's largest paper production enterprise, broke this record. Anqing forestry and paper integration project is a key project of Anhui Province during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, which is included in the "national forestry and paper integration project construction tenth five year plan and 2010 special plan" and the provincial and municipal eleventh five year development plan. It is a 861 action plan project of Anhui Province and one of the 20 major projects directly dispatched by the Anhui provincial government. The total investment of the first phase of the project is 3.74 billion yuan. A new production line with an annual output of 300000 tons of bleached commercial wood pulp will be built, and 160000 hectares of raw material forest base and related supporting facilities will be built. In the overall planning of the project, some unpopular machines may not be able to contact 700000 tons of pulp, 1million tons of paper, 5million mu of fast-growing coniferous forest, with a total investment of about 13.7 billion yuan. After the completion of the project, a new pattern of industrialization will be formed, in which the forest will be cultivated by paper, the forest paper will be used, and the forest paper will be combined, so as to realize the unity of economic, ecological and social benefits

according to the investment contract, Shandong Huatai will hold 70% equity of Anhui Huatai Forest Pulp and Paper Co., Ltd. and anqing development investment (Group) Co., Ltd. will hold 30% equity

anqing mayor Zhu Yuwen said that Huatai holding hands with Anqing is of great significance to give full play to their respective advantages, expand and strengthen Huatai, promote the economic development of Anqing, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. He hoped that the two sides would cooperate sincerely, speed up the pace, do a good job in various preparations, ensure the construction to start at the end of November, and strive to achieve the early completion, early production and early results of the project

oil return buffer valve the oil return buffer valve is composed of a unloading switch and an oil return throttle valve. Li Jianhua, chairman of Huatai, is full of confidence in the prospects of the project. He said: Anqing forestry paper integration project is the largest investment project in the history of Huatai development. The task is arduous. We will overcome all difficulties to ensure the smooth implementation of the project

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