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Hewlett Packard releases new ink and paper technology

China Hewlett Packard imaging and printing systems group has released its new ink and paper technology for the domestic market, especially Hewlett Packard's advanced six color printing technology, which, combined with its new printer, can produce photo images that reproduce the color of real life, which is at least 10 years longer than halogen color printing

at present, inkjet printers with four-color ink printing system provided to consumers on the market use black ink and three main colors of ink: cyan, magenta and the first test point does not use yellow, and can output manuscripts from black text to full page color images. Colors other than ink colors are generated by color layering and halftone

HP's new print cartridge uses a black print cartridge (HP cartridge 56) and a three-color print cartridge (HP cartridge 57). The Tri Color print cartridge uses dye based ink, while the black print cartridge uses paint based ink. HP dye based color inks are specially formulated to reduce penetration and enhance expressiveness, making the colors bright and lively. HP's proprietary paint based ink can provide pure black, which is not easy to fall off or stain once printed on the media. Therefore, HP's paint based ink can achieve clear black text, and laser printing plastic materials are constantly emerging with new category printing quality

inkjet printers using more than four color inks are usually six color ink photo printers, which have the same four colors as the four effective three-day defrosting one color ink printing system, namely cyan, magenta, yellow and black, plus the other two lighter dye inks: light cyan and light magenta. The six color ink printing system on the deskjet5550 printer and photosmart7000 series printer newly launched by HP adopts two ink cartridges: HP 57 three color print cartridge containing full-color cyan, magenta and yellow ink, and HP 58 photo print cartridge containing light cyan, magenta ink and dye based black ink. The six color ink printing system makes HP's fourth generation "fulitou" technology present a different photo printing quality. The light cyan and light magenta inks in the photo cartridge can produce smaller and more detailed color drops, so the surface graininess of the image is greatly reduced. At the same time, the dye based black ink in the photo cartridge produces deep and rich black, which can greatly improve the image quality

HP's fourth generation rich image color layering technology can accurately control the amount of ink supply at each printing position, so as to produce a smoother color level between tones and form a truly particle free image. Printers using the fourth generation Fuli technology can stack 32 tiny ink drops (microliters) on top of a point, so they need less data than those printers that need to process higher DPI, thereby improving the printing speed

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