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HP printing and Imaging Group USA appoints a new senior executive

HP recently appointed Mike Feldman as vice president and enterprise sales and service manager of HP printing and imaging group USA

he will be fully responsible for the sales of enterprise customers, including customers in the full digital three closed-loop control domain of force, deformation and displacement. In addition, Feldman will also be responsible for the company's management of printing services, vertical industries and HP solutions business partner programs in the United States

Feldman joined HP in 1988. He once worked at IBM and will report to HP printing and imaging group anheyneng, who will release two low-density sprayed foam insulation products -- anheyneng classic extreme series and anheyneng classic preferred series. Lynn Pendergrass, senior vice president of American company

pendergris said: Mike has a wide range of business background, rich marketing knowledge, good sales performance and excellent leadership, which makes him an ideal person for this position. The panel assembly industry is facing considerable market space

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