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A century of vicissitudes Anshan industry

Guide: Anshan, a heavy industrial city famous for steel in the world, has a nickname worthy of Anshan people's pride and pride: as a city dominated by heavy industry, the steel capital of the motherland, Anshan industry has gone through the development process from scratch, from small to large, especially since the founding of the people's Republic of China, through the joint efforts of the whole city

Anshan, a heavy industrial city famous for its iron and steel, has a nickname that Anshan people are proud of: as a city dominated by heavy industry, the steel capital of the motherland, Anshan industry has gone through the development process from scratch and from small to large. Especially since the founding of the people's Republic of China, Anshan industry has achieved rapid development through the joint efforts of the people of the whole city, Anshan Iron and steel company, a super large iron and steel complex, has been restored and built, and an industrial system with a relatively complete range of industries has been formed, including metallurgy, textile, machinery, electronics, chemical industry, light industry, building materials, medicine, food industry, etc. the giant ship of Anshan industry is facing the tide of reform and opening up, riding the wind and waves, and sailing towards the goal of building a strong modern industrial city

100 years ago, Anshan was just a small village on the territory of China. As time goes by, a century of great changes, closely following the pace of the development of the times, and with the strong voice of reform and opening up, Anshan, a vibrant and dynamic modern industrial city, gradually rises. Anshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., the "eldest son of the Republic's industry", has a sonorous step. Anshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. stands and prospers because of steel. Anshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. is the Anshan Iron and steel of the Republic and Anshan people. Through ups and downs, through the eventful years, Angang Steel has grown and expanded with the changes of the times. As the eldest son of the Republic's steel industry, Angang Steel has made outstanding contributions to the construction of new China and the development of Anshan. The start of Angang Steel is a microcosm of China's history of being humiliated by foreign aggression in modern times. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Japanese imperialism, which won the war between Japan and Russia, obtained all the privileges in the northeast of China, and then established the South Manchuria Railway Co., Ltd. to further implement the invasion and expansion of South Manchuria. Since 1911, the Japanese have carried out illegal mineral exploration in Anshan, and have successively discovered a large amount of rich iron ore resources in the areas around Anshan. In order to increase the plundering of China's resources, the "Anshan Iron Making Institute" was established by the "Manchurian Railway" in 1918 to build an iron and steel plant with an annual output of 1million tons of iron and 800000 tons of steel. Because the blast furnace design is not suitable for Anshan's raw material conditions, unskilled operation technology and other reasons, the product output is low, the quality is poor, and the cost is high. In that year, only more than 30000 tons of pig iron were produced, and the sales volume was only more than 4000 tons. After the September 18th Incident, the Japanese government established Showa Steel Institute in Anshan in 1933 to expand the plundering of steel resources in Anshan and establish a "basic industry", and Anshan Iron Institute was incorporated into Showa Steel Institute, Its steel production capacity has also been correspondingly improved. By 1945, when Japan surrendered, Japanese imperialism had plundered nearly 10 million tons of steel in Anshan by relying on Showa steel. In 1946, the Kuomintang government took over Angang Steel and began to resume Angang Steel production. However, due to the lack of financial and material resources, the progress of the resumption plan was slow. In the nearly two years after the liberation of Anshan, only 9500 tons of steel ingots and 12500 tons of steel were produced. On February 19th, 1948, Anshan was liberated and Angang Steel returned to the hands of the people. In April of the same year, Anshan Iron and steel plant was established, and Anshan people began to resume production and build a new Anshan Iron and steel plant in this war-torn and devastated land. "It's not easy to repair Angang. It needs American equipment, Japanese technology, and 20 to 25 years. You haven't established diplomatic relations with the United States, and our Japan is a defeated country. You have no assistance outside, and your internal power is empty. It seems that this land can only grow sorghum." A Japanese steel expert from the former Showa steel making Institute expressed such emotion in the face of the ruins of the plant. However, his words did not come true. After the arduous efforts of the Anshan people, it took only a year and a half for Anshan Iron and Steel Group to quickly resume production. July 9th, 1949, is the most festive day for Anshan people after liberation. On this day, the first large-scale iron and steel complex in New China was officially started. By 1952, the old equipment of Angang Steel had been fully or partially resumed production. Angang Steel had produced more than 2.1 million tons of iron, more than 1.9 million tons of steel and 1.1 million tons of steel. In 1953, the country began to implement the first Five-Year Plan for developing the national economy, and large-scale economic construction was carried out in an all-round way. The CPC Central Committee proposed "national support for Angang", and the construction of Angang was listed as the "top priority" of the country. During the first five year plan period, Angang Steel plans to carry out 37 key projects, of which the largest are the "three major projects" in Angang Steel and even the country, including the large-scale rolling mill, seamless steel pipe plant and No. 7 iron making blast furnace. The first five year plan period is a prosperous period for the large-scale construction and production development of Angang Steel. The appearance of Angang Steel has been completely changed, and with more and more steel products with better and better quality, Angang Steel has effectively supported the cause of socialist construction throughout the country. By 1957, the pig iron production of Angang Steel had increased from 830000 tons in 1952 to 3.36 million tons, the steel production from 780000 tons to 2.91 million tons, and the steel production from 470000 tons to 1.92 million tons. During the "first five year plan" period, Anshan Iron and Steel Corporation completed 1.759 billion yuan of capital construction investment and turned in 2.24 billion yuan of accumulated profits, exceeding the national investment in Anshan Iron and Steel Corporation in the same period. In the subsequent periods of economic construction, despite the ups and downs of the "great leap forward" and the "Cultural Revolution", Angang's production and construction continued to make new achievements. Especially after the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the spring breeze and rain of reform and opening up have blown and bathed Angang, an old enterprise with a long history, making it youthful and sprint towards higher goals. Anshan Iron and Steel's pellet transformation project, wide and thick plate project, No. 10 blast furnace overhaul project, etc., have laid a solid foundation for Anshan Iron and steel to improve its own strength and participate in market competition at home and abroad. After entering the "Ninth Five Year Plan", in the face of the rapid development of the global steel industry, Angang Steel is obviously out of date: the equipment is aging, most of the products are large, and the control rings can automatically switch goods, with low added value and poor sales, Angang Steel has reached the edge of loss. ", you should protect your brain when it is beautiful. Zhong Xing An Zhi Chui" ǖ Five times a day? Garden case throw this burden? Brain cooker Nang, R ring, R ring, R ring, R ring, R ring, R ring, R ring, R ring, R ring, R ring, R ring, R ring, R ring, R ring, R ring, R ring, R ring, R ring, R ring, R ring, R ring, R ring, R ring, R ring, R ring, R ring, R ring, R ring, R ring, R ring, R ring, R ring, R ring, R ring??? Anger? Right click this button to read the format? Make sure to cut down 5? Hello? Easy and easy, easy and easy to understand? Neon? To Fangzhong? I'm tired of the case?? Ji? Write Blattella Wu 5. Get drunk? On April 18th, 1996, the No.2 slab continuous casting project of No.3 Steelmaking Plant was officially started, marking the beginning of the large-scale technological transformation of Angang. Over the past few years, Angang Steel has adhered to the technical transformation policy of "high starting point, less input, fast output and high efficiency", which has significantly improved the core competitiveness of the enterprise. The implementation of iron raising and silicon reduction in mining has raised the grade of iron concentrate in gongkuang mine to 68.87% and that in Anshan mine to 67.4%, both of which have reached the world-class level; Sintering to achieve full cold material, to achieve full converter, full continuous casting steelmaking; There is still a lot of work to be done in medical plastics in the 1780 and 17 completed. A large number of reconstruction projects such as the 00 hot rolling production line, the high-speed heavy rail production line of the large universal mill, and the cold rolling and pickling combined unit have reached production and achieved results, making a historic breakthrough of more than 10million tons of steel and iron. Relying on the improvement of these process equipment, Angang Steel has developed a large number of special, special and excellent products urgently needed in the market, and the product structure has been significantly improved. X70 pipeline steel won the bid of "west to East Gas Transmission" project, X65 pipeline steel won the bid of Pakistan pipeline project, and cold rolled car plates were introduced into FAW, FAW and SAIC; Container steel plates and hot-rolled ship plates sell well in the market, and s355n "π" section steel has taken the lead in China's first Shanghai maglev train project. At the same time, the main technical and economic indicators of Angang Steel have reached the best record in history, reducing the manufacturing costs of iron making, steel making and steel rolling to the best level in history. In particular, the 1700 hot-rolled strip production line is the first self-developed, self constructed short process hot-rolled production technology model project with independent intellectual property rights in China, with an annual output of 2.5 million tons. The production line has passed the appraisal of the appraisal committee composed of five academicians of the Chinese Academy of engineering and domestic experts in hot continuous rolling technology, and won the special prize of Metallurgical Science and technology of the China Iron and Steel Association and the metal society, marking a great breakthrough in Angang's technological innovation and a new step in the complete output of continuous casting and rolling technology. Strengthen the main body of iron and steel, realize structural optimization, and make the technical level and production process of the main equipment reach the domestic advanced level, and some reach the international advanced level. A batch of products with high technical content and high added value occupy the domestic and foreign markets. In the past, the plate products of Angang Steel accounted for less than 30% of the total products. After the large-scale technological transformation from the ninth five year plan to the tenth five year plan, Angang Steel changed the silly black impression left to the world in the past that "the equipment is old, the process is backward, and the product grade is low", and attracted the attention of the world with a new attitude. With 1780 and 1700 production lines as the basis, it provides raw material guarantee for Angang's steel deep processing project during the Tenth Five Year Plan period. Since the tenth five year plan, Angang Steel has successively completed the production lines of color coated sheet, galvanized sheet and cold rolling No. 1 and No. 2. Up to now, the plate and tube ratio of Angang Steel Products has reached more than 89.7%, and the plate has become a real leading product of Angang Steel. At present, Angang Steel can produce high value-added products such as car plates, seamless steel tubes, heavy rails with a speed of 300 kilometers per hour. In the face of the new situation of extremely fierce market competition after China's entry into the WTO, Angang Steel vigorously promoted the "three reforms and one strengthening", paid close attention to the production and compliance of the key technological transformation projects of the ninth five year plan, rapidly promoted the technological transformation projects of the Tenth Five year plan, and detonated the plastic industry; Huifubao will adjust the product structure free of charge and develop high-grade new products that meet the market demand. At present, Angang Steel has been able to produce more than 700 varieties and more than 25000 specifications of steel products. Last year, the steel and iron output of Angang Steel exceeded 10million tons, realizing a new breakthrough in the development history of Angang Steel. At the end of last year, Anshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. ranked 9th in the competitiveness ranking of world steel enterprises published by world steel dynamics magazine. Nowadays, the asset liability ratio of Angang Steel is further reduced, and the market share of products and the economic benefits of enterprises are steadily improved. Since the founding of the people's Republic of China, Angang Steel has produced 300 million tons of steel, 297 million tons of pig iron and 202 million tons of steel, and paid 73 billion yuan of national profits and taxes, equivalent to 13.5 times the national investment. While carrying out large-scale technological transformation, Anshan Iron and steel company has strengthened enterprise reform and established a modern enterprise system. Since 1995, the reform of Angang Steel has entered a critical stage. According to the requirements of establishing a modern enterprise system, the reform of "streamlining the main body and separating the auxiliary" has been implemented, and the number of personnel in the main iron and steel enterprises has been reduced to 32800. Only last year, the main iron and steel enterprises reduced their staff by 11.9% through structural adjustment, and the total labor productivity has increased from 66000 yuan/person in 1997 to 137000 yuan/person. Angang Steel will further promote the separated auxiliary units to the market and set up 26 wholly-owned subsidiaries to operate independently and be responsible for their own profits and losses. Implement asset restructuring, promote the optimization of enterprise organizational structure, and in terms of enterprise restructuring and diversification of investment subjects, set up new steel rolling Co., Ltd. and New Steel Co., Ltd., Angang New steel rolling - Germany ThyssenKrupp galvanized steel plate Co., Ltd. started construction, and signed a joint venture with Jidong Cement to build a cement clinker production line. Angang has taken new steps in diversification of investment subjects. Now, East

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