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Characteristics of common packaging materials for heat shrinkable film labels

common materials for heat shrinkable film labels: PVC, PP, PE, POF, pet, etc. The super elastic and structural firmness plastic film with microstructure is stretched in a high elastic state, and the stretching is frozen after cooling, so as to avoid the damage of relevant parts when it meets heat. The plastic film has the trend of restoring the size before stretching. This so-called "elastic memory" is the significance of heat shrinkable film packaging

the most common material for heat shrinkable film labels is PVC resin. PVC chemistry is called PVC

characteristics of PVC resin:

(1) PVC resin is a colorless, bromine free, tasteless white powder. (2) The glass transition temperature is 87 ℃, the melting temperature is 210 ℃, and the decomposition begins at 100 ℃. At 130 ℃, the decomposition is rapid, measured with a dial indicator based on two force columns. (3) It is a typical thermosensitive thermoplastic. (4) the speed is selected as 25mm/min) excellent chemical resistance. (5) It has self extinguishing property. It can self extinguish without fire. (6) Excellent electrical insulation. (7) PVC itself is non-toxic, but its monomer vinyl chloride is very toxic. FDA stipulates that PVC resin with VCM content less than 1mg/kg is non-toxic PVC, which can be directly contacted with food and drugs. (8) Excellent transparency. PVC can withstand hydrochloric acid of any concentration, sulfuric acid of less than 90%, nitric acid of 50%-60% and caustic soda of less than 20% at normal temperature when its service temperature is below 80 ℃; Excellent oil resistance, resistant to various alcohols; But soluble in ketone solution. (9) Intolerant γ Radiation irradiation

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