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Low temperature constant temperature reaction bath instrument features and working principle

low temperature constant temperature anti BASF introduced a new seamless polyurethane floor system material should bath (bath) is a new experimental instrument improved and manufactured by our company. It is suitable for scientific research, biology, physics, medicine, chemical industry and other departments to carry out low-temperature experiments. It can replace dry ice and liquid nitrogen to do low-temperature reactions and provide low-temperature conditions for related equipment. It can also be used as a low-temperature water tank to test the applied viscosity. It can also be equipped with magnetic stirring at the bottom and stirred in two stages, so that the temperature in the stainless steel tank is more uniform and intelligent temperature control is accurate, not to mention other properties

the working principle of the low-temperature constant temperature reaction bath is as follows:

the low-temperature reaction bath controls the temperature of the circulating medium through the overheat circulation controller to achieve the purpose of low-temperature constant temperature. If the set temperature is not high or low, the whole tank should be insulated to reduce the heat transfer speed and improve the accuracy of constant temperature. The agitator is driven by a small motor, and the high and low temperature experimental machine is greatly improved in this function to adjust the mixing speed. The relays commonly used in the laboratory are electronic tube relays and transistor relays. To measure the quality of constant temperature water bath, the sensitivity of water bath is the constant standard. The electric heater has small capacity, good thermal conductivity and appropriate power. When the room temperature is too low, a higher power or two groups of heaters should be used. The relay is connected with the heater and contact thermometer to control the temperature

there are many types of low-temperature constant temperature reaction baths, and the low-temperature temperatures of different low-temperature constant temperature reaction baths are also different. Our company can make special low-temperature constant temperature reaction baths according to customer needs

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