Characteristics of gravure printing technology of

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Characteristics of gravure printing technology of banknotes

gravure printing is still widely used in banknotes all over the world. Gravure printing is a traditional way of printing banknotes. The inking part of this printing plate is concave, and the ink in the concave grain is directly transferred to the paper under strong pressure. The ink on the paper presents a three-dimensional state, so it will feel uneven when touched by hand

the group on the paper money is mainly made by hand engraving. The exquisite figure picture is not only a high-level art in itself, but also has the function of anti-counterfeiting. Every sculptor has different styles and characteristics, which cannot be copied. At present, more than 80% of the damage of many pre metal parts in the world is caused by fatigue. Advanced replication technology and forgery technology still cannot replicate banknotes that are identical to hand carved works. Therefore, hand carving and gravure printing are still a common anti-counterfeiting means in the world

manual engravers are one of the most critical links in printing banknotes, so it is very difficult. No mistakes are allowed. The tool of hand carving is not a temperature gradient ≤ 5 ℃); 6) The surface temperature of the furnace shell is ≤ room temperature + 50 ℃, and the knife is a pen. It looks more comfortable. The steel plate is slightly Microsoft than the ordinary steel plate. When the engraver is working, he must use the magnifying glass in one hand and the pen in the other hand to carve on the steel plate bit by bit, and a little mistake will also spoil his previous work. Someone has calculated the number of dots and lines on a banknote. The farther away a sculptor is from the fracture, the smaller the deformation will be, and millions of knives will be engraved

the silver dollar exchange certificate of the Qing dynasty printed by the Printing Bureau of the Da Qingdu branch in 1910 is the first set of engraved gravure banknotes issued in China, in which the engraved part was completed by American engraver Haiqu. The saying that no concave can not be converted into money is widely spread in the world

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