Characteristics and structure of the hottest hydro

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Characteristics and structure of hydrostatic system

with the development of compact machine, hydrostatic test data are shown in Table 1. Transmission technology is more and more widely used because of its unique advantages. In China, hydrostatic transmission has been widely used in construction machinery, such as Linde series forklifts, hydraulic drive shoe buckles, vibratory shoe presses, sliding loaders, underground rock drills and aircraft tractors @7 that will vibrate the op alarm of the load module, and when the sample breaks, all use hydrostatic transmission as the walking braking system. As a professional manufacturer of loaders in China, XCMG machinery takes the lead in using hydrostatic drive technology on loaders, and has formed mass production. The representative models xg3090, xg90, xg902, etc. are highly praised in the industry

1 composition and characteristics of hydrostatic system

1.1 composition and working principle of hydrostatic system

hydrostatic statictransmission system HST (hydraulic statictransmission) refers to a continuously variable transmission system composed of hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, make-up oil pump and control element (hydraulic valve), supplemented by adjustment control device, etc, It has the characteristics of continuous transmission ratio, stable power transmission, convenient operation and so on. Hydrostatic transmission device is mainly composed of hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor, with various variable control units and transmission elements (reducer or gearbox), which becomes a continuously variable transmission device. Compared with pure mechanical transmission and hydro mechanical transmission, it has many advantages, such as high efficiency, wide area, flexible layout, stepless speed change, convenient commutation, diverse control modes and reasonable power utilization. The reasonable use of hydrostatic transmission device in construction machinery can improve the performance of the machine, improve production efficiency, save energy consumption, and raise the quality of the machine to a new stage

1.2 combination mode of hydrostatic system

according to whether the displacement in hydrostatic transmission is adjustable, it can be divided into four system combination modes: quantitative pump certain amount motor, quantitative pump variable motor, variable pump certain amount motor, and variable pump variable motor. According to the characteristics of xg904 machine, our company chose the combination of variable pump and variable motor

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