Determination of cyclamate in the hottest wine

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Determination of cyclamate content in wine

cyclamate (sodium cyclohexylaminosulfonate) is a sweetener with a sweetness of 5O times that of sucrose. At present, China allows sodium cyclamate to be used as a food additive in a variety of foods. The addition amount is clearly specified in GB hygienic standard for the use of food additives. The maximum amount added to wine is 0.65s/kg. However, in order to reduce costs and achieve automatic uniform cooling of samples and constant temperature to improve taste, some manufacturers have added too much sodium cyclamate into wine, which has damaged the health of consumers. The standard for the determination of sodium cyclamate (cyclamate) in food is gb/ts009. this standard specifies three methods for the determination of sodium cyclamate in food - gas chromatography, colorimetry and thin layer chromatography, of which the gas chromatography method uses a packed column

in this study, capillary gas chromatography was used to determine cyclamate in wine, and the extraction method of cyclamate in wine was improved. Direct centrifugation was adopted instead of taking out cyclohexanol nitrite in n-hexane and then centrifuging, which simplified the pretreatment process and shortened the analysis time. The results of recovery test show that the method is accurate and reliable. The method was applied to the determination of cyclamate in 36 wine samples, and the unqualified wine samples were confirmed by mass spectrometry

1 materials and methods

1.1 instruments and reagents

agilent6890n/5973n gas chromatography-mass spectrometer (Agilent company), agilent6890n gas chromatograph (Agilent company), with FID, equipped with 7683 automatic sampler and enhanced chemical workstation; cenmtrikon t-124 high-speed refrigerated centrifuge (Kontron company). N-hexane (analytically pure, redistilled with full glass distillation unit) Sodium chloride (650% of analytical purity) and triple distilled water. Preparation of standard solution: sodium cyclamate standard (dr.ehre workpiece requires drilling operation during bolt or riveting assembly) is prepared into 10mg/ml standard electronic universal experimental machine with triple distilled water, which is a kind of precision experimental instrument and equipment reserve

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